Zero Project: Call for Innovative Conference Technologies

Europe, Events, Webinar, September 12 2016

The Zero Prpject conference has become a popular international gathering and a platform of exchange for new ideas concerning the lives of people with disabilities. This February, we have welcomed more than 500 delegates from more than 70 countries at the Zero Conference 2016 on education and ICT in the UN Headquarters in Vienna, many of them conference organizers themselves.

Zero Project logoThe Zero Project is about innovation, and the Zero Project Conference is developing itself into a hub for innovative technologies supporting the full accessibility for participants (including virtual participation).

The project have developed a new strategy and a new offer for all organizations that offer outstanding technologies in the field of conference technology such as:

  • Captioning, text to speech, speech to text-technologies
  • Sign language interpretation
  • Orientation and information systems
  • Language translation
  • Remote participation
  • Easy language translation
  • Booking, connecting and networking
  • Presentation and sharing platforms

The goal is to give selected technology providers the opportunity to show their products and services to this distinguished audience – and at the same time making the Zero Project Conference more accessible.

Companies that are interested should approach us until September 18th, 2016 at the latest.

The Zero Project will collect the most innovative ideas and choose the most appropriate mix for our audience. The offer is on a strict no-fee-base. The technology provider will get excellent promotion through the Zero Project Conference for free, but will not get paid for providing these services to the Conference. The promotion will include:

  • a desk outside the conference room to present the product/service for the full duration of the conference
  • being able to present within the “technology show”, an evening event of the conference for the entire audience
  • contact opportunity to more than 500 experts and high level decision makers from around the world in the field of people with disabilities, many of whom organize conferences themselves.
  • Being mentioned in the whole set of conference communications, including website, programme, conference bag etc.

For more information, contact Wilfried Kainz,

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