Ministry Working to Improve Inclusive Education in Ethiopia

Africa, September 7 2016

ETHIOPIA: The training helps teachers with vision disabilities to refer documents, ease their work and let them handle documents confidentially

The Ministry of Education yesterday called on teachers with vision disabilities to contribute their share to ensuring quality in inclusive education. Over 120 blind teachers drawn from all over the country completed 43-day training in Jaws windows jointly organized by the Ministry and the Addis Ababa University (AAU).

Ministry Inclusive Education Director Mohammad Awoke said that utilizing technological equipment like computer enables people to participate and gain benefit searching social, economic political issues.

As teachers have indispensable role, the Ministry has given special concern for inclusive education. Besides helping people with disabilities through various assistance, the Ministry encourages students who want to be inclusive education teachers, he added.

Indicating considerable blind students are found in primary and secondary schools, the Ministry has provided on the job training for 120 teachers in computer literacy (Jaws). He called on the trainees to develop their computer skill thereby contributing their share to quality education.

AAU Special Needs Education Assistance Office Head Dr. Sewalem Tesga said that parallel to inclusive education, the University has been offering various training for persons with disabilities. Since last year, the University has been providing computer literacy courses assisted with disability friendly equipment for teachers with vision disabilities.

The training would help blind teachers to refer documents, ease their work and also handle their documents confidentially, he added.

Appreciating the effort of the government, the trainees promised to play important role in improving inclusive education provided computer is accessible at schools.

Source: Ethiopian Herald

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