CBSE to include needs of children with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, August 26 2016

NEW DELHI: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) organised a two-day conference on exam reforms to consult different stakeholders from Tuesday. The Board at the end of the conference will come out with a document towards incorporating various academic and examination reforms. One of the highlight of the conference is to deliberate on inclusive education which is to integrate general and accessible education so that all students can learn together.

CBSE LogoIn his address, R K Chaturvedi, chairman, CBSE said that while the Right of children To free and compulsory Education (RTE) Act, allows children with disabilities to pursue the mainstream education, “but most of them go to special schools, away from their peers who attend regular schools. However, there is a need that all students, irrespective of their impairment, should be educated in mainstream schools.”

Setting the agenda for inclusive education, Chaturvedi added that fully inclusive schools do not separate ‘general’ and ‘special’ education. “Instead, the curriculum is restructured in such a way that all students learn together. In this model, emphasis is given to full participation by differently abled students in all activities along with other students and respect for their social, civil and educational rights,” he said, calling upon all educationists and policy makers to offer all assistance for better education opportunities for the persons with disabilities.

Apart from inclusive education, the first day of the conference also deliberated on existing examination provisions, while the second day of the conference will bring out the vioces of students with disabilities, alumni and their parents, empowering students through skill development and finally calling for suggestions on examination reforms.

“We will work of the suggestion that come up from this conference. Apart from this we are also going to consult all the other state Boards and Council of Boards of School Education (COBSE) as we undertake academic and examination reforms,” said Chaturvedi.

Source: Times of India

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