Accessible Tourism in Nepal – Sep 22 – Oct 8

Asia-Pacific, Tourism, August 22 2016

Explore Himalayas: Wounded Heroes Trek to Nepal is to encourage “Tourism for All”.  The Wounded Heroes Trek is tied to the UN Year of Accessible Tourism and the first group, which will trek in September, an event in Nepal on World Tourism day to highlight the options for people with disabilities and, we hope, inspire the 500,000 Nepalis with mobility disabilities who we seek to empower and engage.

Wheelchair access onto beachSome of our participants have inspired people around the globe. The team consists of 19 members including a medical doctor, occupational therapist, registered nurse and a prosthetists. These men and women will go up to Ghorepani – Poonhill on their prosthetic legs. It will be a beginning of making a statement to tie accessible tourism with reconstructing Nepal. The project will be followed by building a Mobility Resource Center for people with various physical disabilities in Nepal in collaboration with renowned American colleges and medical centers.

A customized program focuses on trekking and sightseeing for physically disabled individuals including athletes and/or wounded warriors with the help of experienced trekkers and guides.

The program will be a breakthrough in accessible tourism in Nepal and are expecting it to open up a new sub tourism sector in Nepal and around the world. It will not just generate a social awareness globally but also build corporate social responsibilities in the hotel, restaurant, transportation, airport and other sectors to serve such specific group. The event planner to organize an awareness program in collaboration with Nepali disability associations in the presence of our group of tourists. A multidisciplinary team of health care professionals with specialty skills in Prosthetics, Rehabilitation and Emergency Medicine will accompany the group.

Source: IDI

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