TCRA aims to boost accessibility for persons with disabilities

Africa, August 19 2016

LINDI: The Tanzania Communication Regulatory Authority (TCRA) is preparing regulations that will oversee the use of communication equipment to persons with disabilities.

TCRA Consumer Affairs Manager Isaac Mruma, speaking at Ngongo’s Nanenane exhibition grounds here over the weekend, said the authority aims at enabling persons with disabilities to benefit from the use of communication technology.

He said TCRA has decided to come up with the regulations after receiving many opinions from stakeholders. “We received opinions from persons with disabilities, policies on persons with disabilities, the country’s constitution and International Telecommunication Union meetings,” he said, noting that the agreement between the East African Community countries (EAC) and Southern African Development Community (SADC) have also contributed.

He mentioned among issues that will be included in the regulations as special ring tones for mobile phones to enable persons with disabilities to communicate, special communication bundles for persons with disabilities, saying even TV stations will be required to come up with systems that enable people with disabilities especially blind to comprehend their broadcasts.

“Mobile phone companies must come up with special bundles for people who are blind because they cannot read text messages… they must be compensated through special bundles,” he said.

He added that communication companies will be required to employ staffs who are trained to communicate with persons with disabilities to enable them enjoy services. According to Mr Mruma, stakeholders including representatives of persons with disabilities will meet next month to discuss key issues concerning the new regulations.

“We are going to have a meeting next month in Mkuranga to discuss this matter, various stakeholders will be invited to air their opinions on the new regulations,” he said.

Source: dailynews

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