Web-for-All Conference Offers Student Scholarships

Americas, News, January 19 2016

The 2016 International Web for All (W4A’16) conference, dedicated to making web, mobile, and wearable devices accessible for all, will take place in Montreal, Canada on 11–13 April, 2016: www.w4a.info. IBM and Google offer several generous travel scholarships to qualifying students wishing to attend the conference.

The IBM’s People with Disabilities Award will reimburse the attendance costs for several students with disabilities and will introduce them to the W4A community of accessibility researchers and practitioners. More details about the award are available at: http://www.w4a.info/2016/submissions/ibm-people-with-disabilities-award/

A Google Doctoral Consortium Award will enable up to 6 PhD students to participate in a special session with industry and research experts and get constructive feedback on their dissertation research. The award will reimburse up to $1,000 in expenses to attend the conference: http://www.w4a.info/2016/submissions/google-doctoral-consortium/

The deadline to submit an application is January 31st. W4A’16 is conveniently co-located with the 2016 International World Wide Web (WWW’16) conference: www2016.ca.

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