People with vision disabilities disappointed at absence of books in Braille

Middle East, December 18 2015

JEDDAH, KSA: The secretary-general of Ebsar Foundation has lamented a lack of books and facilities for people with vision disabilities at the Jeddah International Book Fair. Mohammad Bello said he noticed during his visit to the fair a marked absence of books that target people with disabilities, particularly people who are blind.

Person reading Braille.He called on intellectuals to address issues facing people with disabilities to increase awareness among the public about the struggles they go through. He urged them to talk about these issues in their lectures and writings, saying this was crucial to motivate people with disabilities and their families.

Bello said he looked for a book in Braille with the help of a volunteer but there were none. He called for getting people with vision disabilities involved in this cultural movement by highlighting works for them as this could be a great support and encouragement for individuals with disabilities.

Bello called for translating foreign books that address disability in general and blindness in particular. “As more books get published, the awareness of the public about people with disabilities would increase,” he added.

Bello expressed his disappointment with the book fair organizers as he had expected to find some new books transcribed into Braille.

He explained the need for providing people with disabilities, many of who cannot afford to travel abroad to take part in book fairs, easy access to the event.

The absence of books in Braille and a lack of facilities indicated that the organizing committee did not expect people with disabilities or elderly people to visit the book fair, said Bello.

He hoped that the committee would cooperate in future book fairs with activists in the disability sector.

Source: Saudigazette

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