Malta's opposition to move amendments to law on Maltese sign language

Europe, November 25 2015

The Opposition will today be moving three amendments to the Maltese Sign Language Recognition Act.

The amendments are aimed to ensure that deaf people have more facilities, services, and professional help.

They are in addition to another two amendments already submitted by the Opposition in favour of people with disabilities: one proposing autonomy for the National Commission for Persons with Disability, and a constitutional amendment concerning disabled people.

Shadow Minister Paula Mifsud Bonnici said: “Similar to our ongoing work in the environmental sector, the Opposition is working ardently to give a stronger voice to civil societies in decision-making. In this case, the Opposition insists that the Association for Hearing-Impaired Persons is given more autonomy so that its valuable work is also reflected in decisions taken by authorities towards deaf people.”

MP Robert Cutajar said the amendments were being moved following extensive consultation with deaf people, as well as with the Association for Hearing-Impaired Persons.

“The Opposition also believes that interpreting services in Maltese Sign Language should be carried out on a professional level, whereby people who are deaf will have the facility of interpretation in most possible circumstances.”

Source: Times of Malta

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