New Book Launched: Disability and Disaster: Exploration and Exchanges

Americas, Disaster, November 11 2015

The Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University has announced the release of the scholarly work, Disability and Disaster which includes disaster research to the expanding area of disability studies. This edited collection includes writings by international scholars as well as 19 chapters about individuals with disabilities affected by disaster across five different continents.

Book cover page In this collection, the editors, Laura M. Stough and Ilan Kelman, have embraced the call from the disability community to write “nothing about us without us,” while incorporating reflections from scholars studying why certain groups are more vulnerable to disasters than others. In 19 first-hand narratives written by individuals with disabilities and their families, these authors do not label themselves as “victims” of disaster or of disability. Rather, they portray agency and self-reliance. As such, these narratives present a counter-narrative to the assumed vulnerability and weaknesses of individuals with disabilities.

“In Disability and Disaster: Exchanges and Explorations, editors Ilan Kelman and Laura M. Stough have achieved something truly ground-breaking. First, in terms of the academic importance of this work, it adds to the social vulnerability literature and represents the first serious book-length treatment of disability and disaster studies…

Disability and Disaster will shatter many myths and misconceptions that people often hold about persons with disabilities and will help a generation of readers to see these individuals in a much more full, complex, and nuanced light.”  –    Lori Peek, Ph.D., Colorado State University

Ilan Kelman is Reader in Risk, Resilience, and Global Health at University College London, UK and a Senior Research Fellow at the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, Norway.

Laura M. Stough is Associate Professor of Educational Psychology and Assistant Director at the Center on Disability and Development at Texas A&M University.

To order this book, visit All royalties will be donated to disaster-related organizations.

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