Al Noor Training Centre organizes expo on assistive technology

Middle East, News, August 21 2015

DUBAI: Al Noor Training Centre is organising the ‘Al Noor Assistive Tech-X 2015’, a two-day expo dedicated to creating awareness on how assistive technology can improve functional capabilities of individuals with disabilities and empower them to reach their highest potential.

The event will feature cutting-edge products and services, demonstrations, workshops, seminars and fun activities.

The Al Noor Assistive Tech-X 2015 will be held from November 12 to 13 at ANISA — Al Noor Indoor Sports Auditorium, Dubai.

The exhibition will bring together children and individuals with disabilities, parents, community members, AT manufacturers and suppliers, therapists and specialist speakers in the field to create awareness towards the use of assistive technology as a means to increase the communication, participation and productivity of people with disabilities.

The quality of assistive technology has improved by quantum leaps over the past few years. They are no longer big and complicated devices. Now students have access to assistive technologies that are smaller, smarter and more integrated.

Students with disabilities can use tools which recognise speech to execute an action, e-books to eliminate page turning and portable eye-gaze devices that are powered by blinks.

Al Noor Assistive Tech-X 2015 is the perfect place to witness such phenomenal technologies which help individuals with disabilities achieve their highest potential and to integrate themselves into mainstream activities.

The event gives everyone an opportunity to enhance their knowledge of assistive technology and also experience its functionalities through live demonstrations.

Source: Gulfnews

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