Freedom Scientific Offers Enterprise Accessibility Training

Americas, News, July 28 2015

ST. PETERSBURG, FLA.: Freedom Scientific has announced a collaboration with IBM to offer training modules to enable organizations to manage accessibility compliance and to ensure its integration throughout the enterprise. Freedom Scientific is now a global enterprise accessibility training provider for IBM Accessibility training modules.

Freedom Scientific logoLeveraging the IBM training portfolio, Freedom Scientific is offering customized eLearning to help companies stay current on government regulations and industry accessibility standards, including Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act (Section 508), the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the 21st Century Video and Communications Accessibility Act (CVAA), and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

“The IBM Accessibility training modules round out our integrated approach to enterprise compliance,” said John Blake, President and CEO of Freedom Scientific.  “Our solutions help organizations manage risk and implement global standards through training workshops, webinars, and customized accessibility consulting solutions.  Working with IBM, we now have the ability to extend this important training across the entire enterprise to ensure ongoing, company-wide education and compliance.”

Freedom Scientific is leveraging the IBM AbilityLab Compliance System, which helps organizations establish and document accessibility standards compliance across the enterprise for all information and communication technologies.  This solution helps organizations track their compliance in accordance with government regulations by providing leading accessibility checklists, education and training modules, and testing tools that enable developers to quickly identify and correct issues with web applications.

Accessibility is a legal requirement for many industries, including government, banking, transportation, retail, services, education, and healthcare. Best practices include inclusive web design, document design, and compliance within hardware and software to provide access for the greatest number of people.

“It is critically important for individuals across an organization to understand how accessibility on any device makes everyone’s routines, interactions, and decisions easier and more intuitive,” said Frances West, IBM Chief Accessibility Officer. “Freedom Scientific is now providing a comprehensive set of formal training and educational materials to help organizations conform to accessibility compliance, accelerate deployment and create a more personalized experience for how customers and employees interact with products and services.”

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