Prince Hussein launches initiative to help children with hearing disabilities

Middle East, News, December 22 2014

JORDAN: His Royal Highness Crown Prince Hussein, on Saturday, launched an initiative to help children with hearing disabilities to regain their hearing sense.

The initiative, dubbed “hearing without limitations” aims to offer children with hearing disabilities free of charge cochlear implants in collaboration with the Royal Medical Services, the ministry of health and the King Abdullah the founder hospital.

On launching the initiative at Husseiniyyeh Palace, Prince Hussein said cochlear implants are now common place and there are numerous Jordanian surgeons who can perform the procedure successfully if intervention took place before the age of six.

It saddens me to know there are children who cannot hear the loving voice of their mothers or fathers, knowing the condition can be treatable, he said in remarks at the launch ceremony .

The initiative also covers speech therapy and other services to the children to enable them to overcome their disability and interact with other members of society.

So far Jordanian specialists have done five hundred cochlear implants.

Source: Menafn

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