Malaysian travel agencies urged to promote accessible travel packages

Asia-Pacific, News, November 24 2014

Local tourism companies that cater to travelers with disabilities are being urged to take part in a travel mart next week when Malaysia hosts the 5th International Conference on Accessible Tourism.

The event, held at Petaling Jaya Civic Centre from December 4 to 6, is expected to attract delegates from 27 counties and local travel agencies are being encouraged to promote accessible packages for travelers with disabilities, said local councilor and conference organizer Sia Siew Chin.

“This a good opportunity to promote tour packages to international delegates, and we are also expecting about 100 local participants,” she said.

The conference theme is ‘Accessible Tourism Promotes National Development’ and ICAT says there is a “market of millions” who would embark on tours and travel packages if destinations were better adapted to their needs.

The main conference speakers will talk about experiences as travelers with disabilities and ways to create barrier-free destinations.

“This is an important market to focus on, including elderly tourists with mobility disabilities,” said Petaling Jaya politician Tony Pua.

Source: Travelmole

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