Singapore Universal Design Week

Asia-Pacific, Universal Design, November 6 2014

SINGAPORE: As part of our outreach program to raise awareness of Universal Design, the BCA organized the inaugural Singapore Universal Design Week to highlight the growing importance of barrier-free accessibility and Universal Design for buildings and public spaces in Singapore. The Singapore Universal Design Week promotes the importance of Universal Design in creating inclusive living environment to enable people – regardless of age or physical ability – to live, work and play without barriers.

From 5 to 9 November, the Week is a five-day event with a Conference, Exhibitions, Workshop and other activities held at the Singapore’s Marina Bay area. The Conference and Products Showcase, titled ‘Universal Design in Architecture and Urban Spaces’, is the anchor event of the Week and features notable speakers including renowned architect Mr. Daniel Libeskind.

At the Week, the BCA, Handicaps Welfare Association (“HWA”) and the Singapore Institute of Architects (“SIA”) will also be signing a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) – the first tripartite co-operation in the area of Universal Design social enterprise to push for greater employability for persons with disabilities.

Under the MOU, SIA will promote the modelling and drafting services of the HWA 3D Building Information Modelling (“BIM”) Studio to their members and encourage them to engage the Studio for drafting and modelling works. BIM is recognised worldwide as an enabling technology to integrate the construction value chain and improve productivity in the industry. The BCA will provide training and give the latest updates on BIM technology to the HWA to help keep the BIM training up-to-date with the latest development in the field.

Dr. Keung added: “The MOU is a key milestone in the BCA’s strategy to tap on tripartite partnerships – people, private and public – for Universal Design in Singapore. Through this Universal Design social enterprise, persons with disabilities can build new capability and gain meaningful employment by joining the HWA-SIA-BCA joint training programme on BIM, which is a powerful and productive tool that is transforming Singapore’s built environment sector. The SIA members can tap on BIM capability of graduates of the joint BIM training programme to help meet the need for BIM personnel in the industry. For the BCA, this is another avenue to accelerate the industry’s adoption of Universal Design and BIM that will contribute to a future-ready and inclusive built environment for Singapore.”

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