5th International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos

Europe, July 25 2014

DAVOS: The theme for this year’s International Disaster and Risk Conference (IDRC) Davos 2014 will be “Integrative Risk Management – Science and technology to strengthen the post 2015 framework”, August 24 to 28, 2014, Davos, Switzerland.

5th IDRC logo
The IDRC Davos 2014 will address the numerous interconnected, complex and emerging risks today’s societies are faced with. Environmental, technical, social and economic risks are often closely linked and can result in successive impact.

Risks and disasters explored at the IDRC Davos 2014 include, amongst others, natural hazards, failures of critical infrastructure and services, pandemics, acts of terrorism and financial crises. All can severely impact and influence human beings and collective societies.

For more information, visit http://idrc.info/home

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