Israeli team develops innovative children’s wheelchair

Middle East, February 17 2014

ISRAEL: The Wheelchairs of Hope team has developed the one of its kind, children’s wheelchair and aims to allow access to education in less developed environments to 1 million children in 7 years.

Innovative children’s wheelchair

Innovative children’s wheelchair.

Wheelchairs of Hope is Israeli humanitarian social impact initiative lead by a group of experienced entrepreneurs with a social agenda that has developed , manufacture and distribute an innovative designed leight weight and durable, children wheelchair oriented toward less developed resources environments.

The new children wheelchair was designed following general guidelines of the professional physiotherapy team of “ALYN”, Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital in Jerusalem and follows the existing standards as well as UN – WHO guidelines and features a durable plastic seat and foot rest. The first model to be launched will fit children on the ages of 5 to 9 years to be followed by additional sizes.

To provide proper fit and postural support & to meet the most common needs

  • Light weight – less than 10 kg. for size 5 to 8 years
  • Innovative and attractive design
  • Easy assembly with low maintenance
  • Cost effective adjustability
  • Made of recyclable raw materials
  • To comply with ISO 7176  and WHO guidelines.
  • Delivered cost – less than $100

The mentioned children wheelchair is part of a comprehensive solution that will provide training to local teams on how to adapt and use wheelchairs for first-time users. The training sessions will be scheduled to take place at the ALYN facilities where decades of experience are available.

Wheelchair of Hope enterprise approach  combined with its Social Impact agenda allows them to scale up the model in a very cost-effective way to produce and distribute the children wheelchairs at a very competitve price,  arriving to most of the third world countries via three main channels:

  • Local NGOs budgeted thru UN-WHO and World Bank specific funds.
  • Multinational Corporations with an strong social responsibility agenda acting in those countries.
  • The International Red Cross and similar organization pro-active on purchasing and delivering assisitve devices in crisis areas.

At an advanced stage, in order to make it a more sustainable initiative and to Scale the model, Wheelchairs of Hope will duplicate the model to be partially produced locally at key countries. Wheelchairs of Hope plans to start its distribution at 5 pilot countries by end of 2014.

For more information, visit Or contact Mr. Pablo Kaplan,

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