Madrid taxis now provide Braille sticker

Europe, January 28 2014

MADRID, SPAIN: 2014 brought good news for people with visual disabilities in Madrid.

Madrid Taxi. Photo: Flickr Appleando

Madrid Taxi. Photo: Flickr Appleando

From the start of the year, taxis in the Spanish capital will have to carry a sticker with information in Braille, displayed in an accessible position inside the cab.

The information includes the cab’s license plate, its licence number, the number of seats available, registration details and, of course, details of tariffs.

These should all be available to people who are blind or low vision.

The pioneering initiative is in line with article 25 of Madrid’s municipal law, which allows people who are blind or low vision to travel in greater safety.

It gives them the ability to report, if needed, any irregularities in the taxi – until recently, exercising this right would not have been possible.


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