Low-cost assistive technology a boon for persons with disabilities

Asia-Pacific, December 23 2013

INDIA: The low-cost assistive technology is very helpful for designing devices needed for persons with disabilities, Prof. Therese Willkomm has observed.

Participating in a workshop on Assistive Technologies held at the BVRIT in Narsapur on Sunday, Dr. Therese Willkomm, Director of the New Hempshire State Assistive Technology program of the Institute of Disability at the University of New Hempshire (UNH), said that materials like tommy tape, double-sided velcro tape and plastic foam sheets would be used in preparing the low-cost assistive technology devices.

Assistive Technology is a term that includes rehabilitative devices for people with physical disabilities and process used in selecting, locating them. It enables persons persons with disabilities to perform tasks they are unable to do.

Dr. Therese, has 22 assistive technology related publications to her credit in addition to a book titled ‘Assistive Technology Solutions in Minutes.’

She had developed thousands of solutions for individuals with disabilities including her patented AT Pad Stand.

Source: The Hindu

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