Training on Universal Accessibility in Haiti

Americas, April 12 2013

HAITI: At the initiative of the Office of the Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (BSEIPH), of the vocational school Haiti Tec and the Christian Blind Mission (CBM-Haiti), Haiti Tec will host the Friday 12 and Saturday, April 13, 2013, a continuous training program on universal accessibility for professionals working in the field of construction in Haiti.

Aware of the importance of integrating people with disabilities, these institutions want to associate upstream with building professionals to integrate these people at all levels of economic and social life.

This two day training, designed for professionals in the construction industry, aims to enable participants to increase their knowledge of disability issues and techniques for creating spaces accessible to all. The module is designed to educate construction companies, engineers, architects, building technicians, the decision-makers on the importance of accessibility and projections to be made in the design and construction of buildings, taking into account disabled.

Powered by a group of Haitian and international experts, including Gabriel Desgraviers (BSEIPH), Rhôny E. Desrogène (Haiti Tec), Jackson Germain (Haiti Tec) and Benjamin Dard (CBM Haiti), this training covers a range of topics related to disability, such as mastering of principles of universal accessibility and barrier-free design, the introduction to reading Braille and sign language and understanding of the Haitian legal framework on disability.

Source: HaitiLibre

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