Elcom v8.1 delivers new collaborative features and Level AA accessibility compliance

Asia-Pacific, February 21 2013

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Elcom has announced the availability of elcomCMS 8.1, the latest release of its market leading enterprise web content management system. This latest version builds on the success of version 8.0 which was launched in June 2012, making it even easier for organizations to meet web accessibility requirements, collaborate on web projects and communicate effectively via enterprise social tools.

WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance

Organization looking for a CMS platform to help ease the burden of meeting regulatory requirements for web accessibility, will find solace in elcomCMS. In this latest release, elcomCMS raises the bar with its WCAG 2.0 Level AA compliance status. Coupled with existing accessibility-as-you-type and reporting functionality, elcomCMS makes it easy for businesses to achieve and maintain WCAG 2.0 Level AA guidelines. The platform has already provided some Australian organizations with the means to meet Level AA compliance requirements, well ahead of the government mandated December 2014 deadline.

elcomCMS TaskManagerAs well as providing Level AA compliance, elcomCMS 8.1 provides added functionality to facilitate collaboration and improve project management. Enhancements include:

Task Manager

The new Task Manager Module in elcomCMS 8.1 delivers a centralized view for effective management and delivery of tasks and projects. It provides users with the ability to assign tasks, set deadlines and maintain progress. This is particularly powerful for business units working across different projects areas within a site.

Compare Versions

The new Compare Version feature is a great collaborative tool that makes it even easier for content reviewers and authors to quickly identify and approve content changes. Building on elcomCMS’ version control capability, users simply select two versions and are able to review amendments with changes highlighted.

Dynamic Widget Library

elcomCMS’ Dynamic Widget feature is a powerfully simple way to aggregate content throughout a site. It is flexible and provides content authors with quick and easy way to repurpose and reuse content.  At its simplest application, the feature can be used to automatically create news and article feeds, lists of documents, gallery of images, libraries of assets and accumulate multi-lingual content. For more technical users, Dynamic Widgets the ability to customize the way in which content is collated, sort and delivered on a site. In elcomCMS 8.1, Elcom has further enhanced its power through a Dynamic Widgets Library. Site administrators have a global view of all Dynamic Widgets created and used across the site, giving them the power to modify settings, reuse and manage the widgets as required.

Enhanced Taxonomy Management

The elcomCMS Taxonomy feature is incredibly useful for organizations with complex categorization and content structures. Publishers have the capability to tag, edit, reuse and surface meaningful content throughout their site and automatically create dynamic menus. In elcomCMS 8.1, Taxonomy is enhanced through a centralized management tool, providing a global view which makes it easier to reassign or change tags across a site.

Enhanced Social

Elcom continues to build on elcomCMS’ social capability in 8.1. The latest release sees further enhancements to existing functionality and user design.

Commenting on the latest release, Anthony Milner, Elcom’s Product Director said “I’m proud and excited to see the evolution of elcomCMS through each new release. As the emphasis of digital moves towards value-added content and integrated business, it’s technology like elcomCMS that will help organizations to develop an effective collaborative environment and successful digital strategy”

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