Amovil website helps persons with disabilities find accessible mobile phones and applications

Europe, February 21 2013

MADRID, SPAIN: The Amóvil website has been revamped to offer a more dynamic and user friendly experience. The new design comes as a result of an agreement signed by Vodafone Spain Foundation and the ONCE Foundation. Its goal is to provide the elderly and people with disabilities an improved tool to help them identify accessible mobile devices and applications that are compatible with assistive technologies.

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Among its main additions is the version of the website in English which includes the same sections and information offered in Spanish. Users will now be able to search for accessible devices and applications as well as to comment, vote and participate in surveys in either language.

Key improvements also include an expanded homepage that provides users a quicker access to the search assistant and to information on the latest devices analyzed. In addition, both the News and Blog sections have been renewed to offer enhanced content which include videos subtitled for users with hearing disabilities. The information posted in these sections can also be accessed via RSS feeds.

Furthermore, in furtherance of Amóvil’s commitment to update its knowledge base in order to offer the most accurate information about mobile accessibility, a special section for collaborators has been added. In fact, a central objective of Amóvil is to build a collaborative network of mobile technology experts, manufacturers and users that will enrich and update the information offered.

Amóvil is a project led by ONCE Foundation and developed by Technosite, designed to help senior citizens and people with disabilities identify accessible mobile devices and applications compatible with available assistive technologies that best suit their preferences and needs.

The website’s main feature is a virtual search assistant supported by a database containing information of accessibility in mobiles sold in Spain. In order to use it users need to select their disability profile as well as the features they want in their devices. The information provided will be complemented with information on available assistive devices or applications that help enhance the device’s accessibility features.

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Contact: Natalí González Villariny


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