Accessible cinema proves a hit in Australia

Asia-Pacific, January 2 2013

More Australians with disabilities will soon be able to enjoy the Boxing Day tradition of going to the movies. The Federal Government says new technology to aid cinema-goers who are deaf and blind is proving successful.

Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities, Senator Jan McLucas, says 146 special movie screens have come online under the Government’s joint initiative with the Accessible Cinema Advisory Group.

Senator McLucas says there will be more than 240 across the country by the end of 2014.

She says it has been a moving experience for Australians with a disability.

“It means that when you go the cinema and you are blind you can get a piece of equipment that will describe the film to you, if you’re deaf you will get a piece of equipment that you put into your cup-holder and it will provide the captions to you,” she said.

“People who are using them report that this is the first time that they’ve had the opportunity to go with their family or with their friends to the theatre.

“I had a wonderful letter from a gentleman who’s deaf who went to a movie with his children for the first time ever.”

A number of major cinema chains received a human rights award this month for their work on the initiative.

Source: Yahoo News

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