UAE releases audio CD for people with vision disabilities

Middle East, December 31 2012

UAE: The Minister of the Interior has released an audio recording for people who are blind or low vision. under the title: “Disabled People-Their Rights and Our Duties.” The recording addresses the main legal rights of people with disabilities according to local legislation and international conventions approved by the state, in addition to the legal liabilities imposed by the legislator on individuals. Releasing this recording is a measure to guarantee the rights of people with disabilities so they can adhere to laws, uphold their responsibilities, and learn how to blend with others.

Cover of the audio CD released by the UAE Ministry of the Interior. Lieutenant Colonel Salah Al Ghoul of the Ministry of the Interior said, “Disabilities and the situation of people with disabilities is receiving increased attention in the country, as it has a great impact on society’s development and its higher ethical obligations. Disabled care is no longer just simply charitable financial aid; it has become a global humanitarian matter with a noble humanitarian message.”

Lieutenant Colonel Al Ghoul called for cooperation and joint efforts among governmental entities and civil society institutions to enact laws and regulations and make all scientific and practical efforts to guarantee the integration of people with disabilities into society. He stressed the position of individuals regardless of their abilities or capabilities to allow people with disabilities to realize their full rights and help to fulfill their needs. “Disability, no matter how significant it is, can never become a hindrance to people to contribute in work and national development,” he said.

“The Strategy office, which is based on spreading awareness and enhancing legal education, covers all categories of society without exceptions,” he added.

“Since its start, the office has shown a special interest in this segment of society and has treated this issue as a priority, as those people deserve care and should be educated as any other category within the Emirati society. In this regard, the office has recently added Braille language to its educational releases. This is considered to be a first step among a series of activities to constantly provide care to this group,” he added.

The director of the Law Respect Culture Office said that the audio recording will help people with vision disabilities to increase their awareness as a group that is able to contribute to society, so they can enjoy the rights and freedoms that others do. “This will empower the law respect culture in a civilized manner among people with disabilities,” he said.

“The release includes an explanation on the major legal rights of people with disabilities, such as equality, non-discrimination, legal aid at all events, freedom of speech, as well as rights of health services, rehabilitation, education, work, participation in public activities, cultural and sports life, and living in a qualified environment,” he continued.

Al Ghoul said: “There are legal duties towards this group placed upon society. Society should make efforts to integrate people with disabilities, whether at work or in the educational system, so they learn how to adhere to the law and uphold their responsibilities and live in dignity.” He also highlighted crimes committed against people with disabilities, on the personal level, and against their privileges, on the legal level.

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