Transport for London improve Kew Bridge junction for people with vision disabilities

Europe, December 31 2012

LONDON: A major junction in Kew Bridge has been upgraded to help people with vision disabilities crossing the road.

The improvements, which were part of Transport for London’s (TfL) work to improve accessibility for all road users across London, included installing tactile rotating cones to the signals underneath the wait light indicators to assist people with vision disabilities when they cross the road.

The work, which was carried out following concerns raised by the Thomas Pocklington Trust and the London Visual Impairment Forum, also saw the relocation of street lights and traffic poles around the junction.

Alan Bristow, director of traffic directorate at TfL said: “We are very pleased we have been able to upgrade these pedestrian crossing points to allow them to be fully accessible for all.”

Peter Corbett, chief executive of the Thomas Pocklington Trust said: “The work carried out by TfL has hugely improved these pedestrian crossing points for people with vision disabilities, and has helped make the streets of Kew bridge much more accessible.”

Source: thisislocallondon

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