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Americas, November 13 2012

GAATES new ICT resources are available free of charge through the GAATES website. These resources are provided to assist organizations better understand and apply accessible information and communication technologies (ICT) to their business practices.

GAATES has developed a series of Guides to help small businesses implement their accessible ICT obligations under Ontario law. GAATES also developed an ICT Vendor Database to assist organizations find the ICT service providers that they need.

Although many of these resources specifically address the obligations of businesses in Ontario (Canada) to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (2005), the concepts, strategies and resources presented can be applied to any organization in any location. This opens up the ICT Vendor database to anyone, anywhere, who can provide their services through the Internet.

GAATES resources can be accessed at

For more information about the GAATES ICT Vendor Database project or any of the ICT Publications, please contact:
Bob Topping
Phone: +1-905-278-0665

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