Canadian Transportation Agency launches new carriage of mobility aids resource tool

Americas, June 4 2012

OTTAWA: The Canadian Transportation Agency on June 1 launched its new Carriage of Mobility Aids Resource Tool for air, rail and interprovincial ferry carriers to assist travellers, travel agents and transportation service providers in the planning of and preparation for travel involving mobility aids.

Over the last decade, there has been a marked increase in the frequency of use and in the size of some types of mobility aids. Carriage of mobility aids is an essential part of any mobility aid user’s travel, and requires extra planning and preparation.

This Resource Tool combines new information to assist travellers, travel agents and transportation service providers alike. In addition, it introduces a new reservation checklist that can facilitate the planning of carriage of mobility aids.

“Safe, efficient and consistent carriage of mobility aids has always been important,” said Geoff Hare, Chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency. “This one-stop-shop resource will enhance mobility aids users’ awareness when planning travel, while assisting service providers in improving passenger travel experience.”

The Carriage of Mobility Aids Resource Tool  can be accessed in multiple formats through the Canadian Transportation Agency’s website.

The Agency has the mandate to eliminate undue obstacles to the mobility of persons with disabilities in the federal transportation network and ensures that they have equal access to transportation services and are provided with services that meet their disability-related needs.

Transportation carriers are guided by the Canadian Transportation Agency’s accessibility regulations and voluntary codes of practice, which help ensure that Canada’s federal transportation network is accessible to persons with disabilities.

For more information on the Agency’s Carriage of Mobility Aids Resource Tool, visit .


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