Sorenson communications launches new videophone booth for deaf people

Americas, June 1 2012

JACKSON HEIGHTS, NY: Sorenson Communications unveiled a new student-designed videophone booth containing a Sorenson ntouch(R) VP, a videophone that empowers people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing to communicate with hearing people. The unveiling took place at Lexington School for the Deaf, part of the largest organization serving the deaf community in the State of New York.

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Earlier this year, Sorenson sponsored a contest that invited Lexington students, grades nine through 12, to submit designs for a new videophone booth for their school. Students voted to determine winning booth designs from each grade. The five winning designs were reviewed and judges determined an overall winner: Stephanie, a graduating senior. Her design, among other ideas, incorporated images of a red apple, the New York City skyline, the school, its logo and the American Sign Language sign for “I love you.” Sorenson Communications presented Stephanie with the grand prize, an iPad(R)2, and the five runners-up each with a Kindle Fire(R).

As part of the unveiling ceremony, Stephanie placed the first two calls, using the Sorenson ntouch(R) VP, to Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and to the award-winning Off Broadway star Russell Harvard from the hit show “Tribes.”

“Sorenson is pleased to present this creative videophone booth — and the empowering technology it contains, to the students of Lexington School for the Deaf,” notes Dave Johnson, Sorenson Communications Vice President of Outreach. “Over the last decade, video relay technology has revolutionized communication for the deaf. Today’s students use it daily as part of their communication routine. We are pleased to provide this technology to Lexington.”

Sorenson Communications’ ntouch(R) suite of products also includes ntouch(R) Mobile and ntouch(R) PC, mobile and portable SVRS options that empower users to conduct VRS calls while on the go and away from their videophones.

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About Sorenson Communications Sorenson Communications(R) ( ) is a provider of industry-leading communications products and services for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. The company’s offerings include Sorenson Video Relay Service(R) (SVRS(R)), the highest-quality video interpreting service; the new Sorenson ntouch(R) VP videophone, designed especially for use by deaf individuals; ntouch(R) PC, software that connects users to SVRS by using a PC and webcam; ntouch(R) Mobile, an application empowering SVRS communication via mobile devices; and Sorenson IP Relay(R) (SIPRelay(R)), a text-to-speech relay service.

SOURCE: Sorenson Communications

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