Call for applications to join WFD expert working groups

News, May 31 2012

The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD) seeks expressions of interest from individuals desiring to serve as WFD experts together with other specialists in different fields of expertise. A co-ordinator will be appointed to each of the expert groups to lead the group’s work, guided by Terms of Reference based on the WFD Congress.

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Resolutions and United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The expert groups will be responsible for developing statements/documents, providing advice and making recommendations to the WFD Board as outlined in the Terms of Reference. The co-ordinators and members of the expert groups will serve as volunteers and thus are not be paid or reimbursed for any expenses during their term. However, a certificate of appreciation will be granted to each of the experts. WFD envisages a three-year term for expert group members and co-ordinators, starting in September 2012 and running until September 2015. Working Groups and Roles WFD is seeking a co-ordinator and a number of expert members for each of the following groups:

WFD Expert Working Groups:
1. WFD Expert Group on Deaf Education
2. WFD Expert Group on Sign Language and Deaf Studies
3. WFD Expert Group on Health
4. WFD Expert Group on Developing Countries
5. WFD Expert Group on Human Rights Law
6. WFD Expert Group on Technology
7. WFD Expert Group on Women and Children
8. WFD Expert Group on Accessibility
9. WFD Expert Group on Bioethics

WFD Ad Hoc Working Groups:
2. CODAs
3. Deaf Senior Citizens
4. Deafblind

If being a co-ordinator or member of any of these groups looks like the perfect role for you then WFD looks forward to receiving your application. To apply, please provide:
a. A completed WFD Application Form for Expert Working Group
b. A curriculum vitae or résumé (max two pages)
c. A letter of support from your National Association of the Deaf (which must be an Ordinary Member of the World Federation of the Deaf)

Email applications to:

Your application must be received by no later than Friday, 22 June 2012. Enquiries by email can be made to

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