LookTel releases recognizer app to help blind people to identify objects

Americas, March 5 2012

A company called NantWorks launched the LookTel Recognizer app for iOS devices to help people with visual disabilities to identify objects simply by pointing their iPhone camera at an object and the phone will recognize and describe the item instantly.

LookTel Recognizer app iPhone Screenshot

Recognition happens in real time, with no need to hold the camera still or take a photo, and the app will identify packages, cans, identity cards CDs and many other everyday objects. Moreover, it can identify locations such as the entrance of a home or office and signs above store entrances or restrooms.

LookTel Recognizer is powered by NantWorks patented and proprietary object recognition technology featured in LookTel Money Reader app that was released last year for people with visual disabilities to identify currency.

Recognizer allows users to update and backup their database through emails and share it with other members of the community.

LookTel Recognizer app is out now for $9.99 and available at iTunes App Store.

Watch a video demonstration below:

By Aqeel Qureshi

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