GAATES Announces Slate of Country Representatives

News, February 2 2012

The Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES) is pleased to announce the appointment of our new Country Representatives.

The GAATES Country Representatives will be working in their country to support the GAATES mission of promoting accessibility of the built, social and virtual environments, so that people with disabilities and older persons are able to fully participate and contribute to society.


From the African Region, GAATES is pleased to welcome:

Cretus Kapato (Zambia) James Rwampigi (Uganda)

Peter Bodo Ong’aro (Kenya)

Gabriel Ondoua Abah (Cameroon).


From the Arab/Middle East Region, GAATES welcomes:

Abdul Khaliq Zazai (Afghanistan)

Rajaa Ben Hameda (Libya).


From the Asia-Pacific Region, we welcome:

KC Deepak (Nepal)

Charles Mendis (Sri Lanka)


Applications were carefully reviewed by our Country Representatives Committee and the candidates were selected based on information gained from their responses on the GAATES application form, experience demonstrated on their resumes and from feedback obtained from references.

The Country Representatives will be supporting GAATES activities by providing the board with information on activities in their country, working with the board on project ideas and proposals, and by hosting a conference, workshop or similar event in their country.

We welcome these successful candidates and look forward to working with them as an integral part of the GAATES organization.

Please join me in welcoming our Country Representatives.


Mukhtar AlShibani – GAATES President

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