• Month: February 2012

    BrainAble project to offer benefits for people with disabilities

    In the 2009 film Surrogates, humans live vicariously through robots while safely remaining in their own homes. That sci-fi future is still a long way off, but recent advances in technology, supported by EU funding, are bringing this technology a step closer to reality in order to give people with disabilities more autonomy and independence… Continue Reading »

    De Montfort researchers develops eye controlled videogame for children with disabilities

    Researchers at De Montfort University in UK have developed computer games which can be controlled by eye movements. The project aims to allow children with severe disabilities to play computer games. Eye control “adds a whole new level of intelligence to games”, says research leader Stephen Vickers, who has been working on a low-cost system, which… Continue Reading »

    UDS launches online store for accessibility and mobility products

    LANCASTER, PA.: A Pennsylvania-based non-profit whose mission is to improve the lives of people with physical and age related disabilities by helping them live independently is expanding its offerings with the opening of a new ecommerce store. In early February, United Disabilities Services (UDS) launched its Online Store at estore.udservices.org  featuring a variety of bathroom accessibility… Continue Reading »

    YouTube makes captioning more accessible for viewers with hearing disabilities

    Millions of people enjoy viral videos each day, but some people aren’t getting the jokes — and it’s not for a lack of humor, either. Because many videos on YouTube do not include closed captioning, deaf viewers can be left out. But thanks to a new change at YouTube, more hard-of-hearing people will be able… Continue Reading »

    Case study to review accessibility for people with disabilities in Kensington

    A research project measuring how easy it is to get around Kensington will be the first of many to help address the needs of people with disabilities. The project used the suburb’s shops, businesses, houses and public buildings as a pilot case study to address accessibility. In what its researchers say is a world-first, the… Continue Reading »

    NYC to challenge taxi accessibility order

    City lawyers are heading to court Tuesday seeking an appeal of a judge’s order that the Taxi and Limousine Commission must submit a long term-plan for accessibility for people in wheelchairs. The TLC believes the order could hold up the Bloomberg administration’s five borough taxi plan — and the revenue it would generate. In December,… Continue Reading »

    University of Minnesota researcher developing app to help blind people navigate streets

    A University of Minnesota researcher is developing an app that would tell people with visual disabilities not only when to cross the street, but which direction they’re going and how many lanes they have to cross. The app, which will be free to download, will also tell users the name of a street if the… Continue Reading »

    Vodafone Spain Foundation and Qualcomm collaborate to help workers with intellectual disabilities

    BARCELONA, SPAIN: Qualcomm Incorporated, through its Wireless Reach(TM) initiative, Vodafone Spain Foundation (VSF) and the APROCOR Foundation, a non-profit organization aimed at improving the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and their families, today presented the Augmented Reality for e-labora project, which aims to help workers with intellectual disabilities integrate into the labor… Continue Reading »

    RWC holds expo to inform students on accessible sports for people with disabilities

    The Recreation and Wellness Center at University of Central Florida (UCF) is giving students a new look at sports from, perhaps, a slightly different perspective. In an effort to educate and inform UCF students about sports and activities that accommodate students with disabilities, the Recreation and Wellness Center held its first ever Adaptive Recreation Expo last Wednesday. Organized… Continue Reading »