Panasonic introduces Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid, connects to mobile phones, TVs

News, January 9 2012

Panasonic launches a new Bluetooth hearing aid for people with hearing disabilities. Panasonic’s Healthcare Group introduces the R1-W Series of hearing aid device that feature Bluetooth connectivity.

Panasonic Bluetooth hearing aid device

Panasonic Bluetooth hearing aid device

The new open fit, R1-W Series, receiver-in-canal digital hearing aid allows users to connect smartphones, landlines and TVs via an add-on called the Hearing Hub. The Hearing Hub also provides a user to record voice memos such as personal reminders and phone numbers, allowing for up to five 2-minute and 40-second recorded files. Panasonic is claiming that the ear pieces can go for a pretty impressive 300 hours before needing a fresh set of batteries.

“The new R1-W Series of digital hearing device reflects impeccable product design to ensure comfortable fit, coupled with outstanding sound quality to create a hearing experience that is true to life,” said Yoshi Yuasa, Senior Vice President of Panasonic Corporation of North America.

The Panasonic R1-W Series is currently available in eight elegant colors including dark gray, rose gray, silver, pink, purple, blue, green and champagne gold. For more information on the entire Panasonic line-up of hearing instruments, please visit

By Aqeel Qureshi

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