• Month: November 2011

    UK Government seeks views on web accessibility

    UK: The Government has asked for views on what problems people with disabilities face when using the web and other technologies and whether laws and regulations should be changed to improve accessibility. A web-based forum has been established to ask users how laws and guidance could be improved to enable wider access to information presented… Continue Reading »

    Microsoft Qatar, Mada complete first phase of Imkaan project for people with disabilities

    Microsoft Qatar along with Mada Assistive Technology Center (Mada) have successfully completed phase one of the Imkaan programme aimed at benefiting people with disabilities in Qatar through information technology. Both partners have worked together to provide digital literacy materials to help people with disabilities while training the IT community in Qatar on accessibility standards. The… Continue Reading »

    Transport for London is failing disabled and elderly tube passengers

    London is a wonderful city. It thrums with life, with art, with culture. Every week, its streets and buildings are abuzz with new exhibitions, parties and fresh opportunities. For many of the city’s older and disabled residents, however, participating in this is a pipe dream. As a result of inaccessible transport, they are locked out… Continue Reading »

    Pool wins Barrier-Free Design Award 2011

    The recently renovated Malton Community Centre Pool has earned the City of Mississauga an award for going “above and beyond” when it comes to accessibility. The pool, which includes more accessible parking spots, new ramps, accessible washrooms and change rooms with lifts and a ramp and lift to allow access to the lap pool and… Continue Reading »

    OverDrive announces Ebook device “Test Drive” program for libraries

    OverDrive announced Test Drive, a program for libraries to support demonstration and lending of eBook reading devices and tablets to their patrons. The program includes device recommendations and guidelines for setup, maintenance and support, as well as best practices for institutions that want to stock and lend eBook readers and tablets to patrons. Whether you are considering providing demo… Continue Reading »

    Android Ice Cream Sandwich accessibility features for blind people

    The new Android Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 features let users with visual disabilities simply slide their fingers across the screen to hear a build-in voice that navigates them through the operating system. Once the accessibility mode is switched on, the operating system’s built-in voice will read out whatever icon or menu you have your finger… Continue Reading »

    Gainesville State student inspires map for blind people

    Like most students, Efren Chavez was looking for an easy A when he chose to take geology this semester. “I chose geology because I thought it would be easier than chemistry,” said Chavez, a 20-year-old business administration major at Gainesville State College. “I thought we were just going to be learning about a bunch of… Continue Reading »

    Ubuntu 12.04 Accessibility Plans

    Ubuntu community manager Jono Bacon has detailed the development plans for accessibility support in next April’s 12.04 LTS release. The plans appear to have been developed with the problems of accessibility development that arose during the Ubuntu 11.10 cycle in mind. During that development cycle, the accessibility features were “broken throughout much of the cycle” and testing of, for… Continue Reading »

    Provide interpreters for people with hearing disabilities at public places: Delhi High Court

    NEW DELHI, INDIA: A Delhi High Court order is likely to make life easier for people with hearing disabilities. Public places like railway stations, airports, bus depots, hospitals, police stations, educational institutions and government offices may soon have sign language interpreters to facilitate basic communication for people with hearing disabilities. Delivering a time-bound set of… Continue Reading »