Sainsbury supermarket introduces Braille signage for blind customers

Europe, September 23 2011

Liverpool, UK: A Sainsbury’s store in Liverpool has become the first UK supermarket to use Braille signage to benefit blind customers.

The signage for the store’s food and drink range was unveiled at the supermarket’s Woolton store.

Lady at Sainsbury's store showing Braille signage exemplar.

Lady at Sainsbury's store showing Braille signage exemplar.

The idea for signage came from Sainsbury’s Woolton store manager Bethan Wilson. Customer experience manager Claire Ellis then sent the idea to Chief Executive Justin King, and worked with Wilson, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and local blind organisations, to develop suitable signage design.

Wilson said: “We wanted to give our blind or partially-sighted customers a better shopping experience. We hope this new service does just that.”

At the unveiling ceremony, Fazilet Hadi, group director Inclusive Society at RNIB, presented the Woolton store with ‘Exemplar Service’ recognition for its work in helping blind and partially sighted customers.

Claire said: “Our extensive research has helped us to create signage which we know will make it easier for the store’s blind or partially sighted customers. The new signage will have a Braille panel at the bottom to help customers with finding different sections in aisles. This really shows that we are delivering a great customer experience to all our customers and offering a more inclusive environment to the local community.”


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