COAT leader offers thoughts on trends in technology and impact for people with visual disabilities

Americas, September 23 2011

Paul Schroeder, Vice President, Programs and Policy Group at the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) has written a commentary on how recent trends in technology are impacting people with visual disabilities. His commentary, “Responding to Shifts in Technology: Accessibility in a Changing Environment,” appears in Access World, AFB’s monthly publication.

Schroeder notes that we are in the midst of quickly advancing trends in technology that require a shift in the way we approach technology access and independence.  He states that these trends include the dramatic shift of computing toward mobile (i.e., wireless) information technology and rapidly developed apps, along with the emergence of cloud computing and the permeation of social network-driven communication throughout all layers of society and commerce. For consumers with vision loss, overlaying all of these changes is the increased expectation of built-in accessibility, spurred by Apple’s built-in VoiceOver accessibility feature. These developments will supplant the centrality of the personal computer (desktop or laptop) in our offices, upend traditional entertainment equipment (televisions and stereos), and likely finalize the move away from print on paper in books and newspapers.

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