eLearning program partnership further enhances usability and accessibility

Americas, September 22 2011

Kitchener, Waterloo: Desire2Learn incorporated, has partnered with ReadSpeaker, the leading provider of online text to speech. ReadSpeaker joins the Desire2Learn Partner Network as a Select ISV Partner in providing added value to clients.

ReadSpeaker connects learners to digital content by reading aloud online content and provides synchronous highlighting of the text being read to provide an auditory and visual experience that helps to increase learning outcomes for all learners including those struggling to handle online reading. ReadSpeaker services can read all types of online content including HTML, PDF, Word, ODT and Flash.

“We are delighted to be part of the Desire2Learn Partner Network. ReadSpeaker’s online text to speech solutions help Desire2Learn clients provide a simple and efficient tool that enhances learning outcomes for all students and notably people with reading disabilities,” says Joop Heijenrath, ReadSpeaker Co-Founder and responsible for ReadSpeaker’s business operations outside of Europe. “The ability to have educational material read aloud and highlighted at the same time increases student performance, and that is a key benefit for Desire2Learn clients.”

The ReadSpeakerEnterprise solution for the Desire2Learn platforms is an online text to speech application that speech-enables online educational content for the benefit of teachers and learners who now have the ability to listen as well as read online. It makes the online content of Desire2Learn clients more accessible to people with cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, and vision disabilities, as well as individuals who do not speak or read English as their first language. Additionally, it provides multi-tasking opportunities for learners and portability of content to other devices such as SmartPhones and iPads.

ReadSpeaker enables learners to listen to content at the click of a button, without downloading or installing software or plugins. The reading also comes with synchronized highlighting of the text to reinforce understanding of the content being read aloud.

Independent research proves that dual mode learning (highlighting of the text being read out loud) increases the comprehension for all students, thereby increasing learner performance. ReadSpeaker works for all browsers.

Source: http://www.exchangemagazine.com

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