ISLE of Capri Casinos sued for ADA discrimination by blind poker player

Americas, September 19 2011

Palm Beach Gardens, FL: The Isle of Capri Casinos Pompano Park has been served with a lawsuit for allegedly failing to adhere to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines along with discrimination against a blind person, Philip Juarez, a Palm Beach County resident, reports, Joseph R. Fields, Jr., West Palm Beach ADA Litigation and ADA Defense Attorney.

According to the ADA Discrimination complaint filed, the Isle of Capri Casinos Pompano Park is the only casino in South Florida that refused to provide Mr. Juarez with accommodations to play poker. Mr. Juarez, has played Texas Hold ‘Em and other card games for years at other South Florida casinos.

Mr. Juarez is represented by LaBovick Law Group in the lawsuit filed by Joseph R. Fields, Jr., Esq., West Palm Beach ADA Litigation and ADA Defense Lawyer on August 31, 2011, in Federal Court, Southern District of Florida, Case #: 0:11-cv-61940-JIC. The trial date is set for early 2012.

“Mr. Juarez lost his vision due to medical reasons. He started using a card reader, in an effort to not allow his visual disability to interfere with his ability to play the game of poker. The card reader is a person who whispers blind poker player’s cards, cards on the table, and the approximate chip count into the ear of blind poker player. It is a widely accepted practice by casinos nationwide as an accommodation for blind poker players,” stated Joseph R. Fields, Jr., Esq.

The lawsuit alleges that the Isle of Capri Casinos Pompano Park refused to allow Mr. Juarez to use a card reader to play poker and to register early for their popular games, since he is unable to use the Internet due to his visual disability.

Entertainment establishments such as Casinos must fulfill certain requirements for guests with disabilities, according to Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act. On March 15, 2011, several new ADA regulations and guidelines went into effect. The ADA regulations provide guidance on things such as effective communication for persons with disabilities, mobility devices, lodging reservations, ticketing, service animals, and the “safe harbor” provision.

When the method of registration or advance registration is by Internet only, a blind person can be at a disadvantage in the registration process. The ADA guidelines require a public establishment to provide alternative registration methods for people with disabilities. Special options or alternatives need to be considered when the method of registration is open to the public.

“The Juarez ADA Discrimination lawsuit seeks injunctive relief against Isle of Capri Casinos in the operation of its facilities and its online early registration process,” stated Fields.

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