Beyond barriers Incredible India tour by four wheelchair users

Asia-Pacific, September 6 2011

Beyond barriers Incredible India Tour by a group of four wheelchair users, that calls itself the Adventurous Four, will undertake the Beyond Barriers-Incredible India project to check accessibility for wheelchair users in the country.

The tour aims to sensitize the concerned agencies like the Ministry of Tourism, NGOs, hospitality sector, heritage committee and the society at large, about the challenges people with disabilities face while travelling.

The group along with their helpers will be travelling across 40 cities in 30 states covering an approximate distance of 16,000 km in 81 days in India. The group will visit at least two tourist destinations in each state and conduct an access audit in collaboration with local NGO working in the disability sector and State Tourism Department.

The group will also meet Disability Commissioner of every state and sensitize them about the importance and need of barrier free tourism for all.

By Aqeel Qureshi

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