Senator Adolpho Palacios bill aims to improve enforcement of accessible parking laws

Americas, September 1 2011

Senator Adolpho B. Palacios

Senator Adolpho B. Palacios

Guam: Senator Adolpho B. Palacios, Sr., has introduced Bill No. 294, which seeks to improve the enforcement of accessible parking laws.  According to statute, individuals could face a fine of up to five hundred dollars ($500) for violations including obstructing accessible parking spaces, parking in such a space without an accessible parking permit or license and allowing the use of one’s accessible parking permit or license by another individual who is not authorized.

If enacted, this bill would allow the Chief of Police to strengthen the enforcement of accessible parking laws by regular full-time officers and members of the Guam Police Department’s (GPD) Community Assisted Policing Effort (CAPE) and Civilian Volunteer Police Reserve programs.  Funds collected through the Accessible Parking and Law Enforcement Fund would be designated to help purchase equipment and supplies, train active and volunteer personnel and will be used for other purposes critical to increasing the public’s compliance with accessible parking and other public safety and law enforcement mandates.

“People with disabilities continue to deal with a myriad of medical and personal challenges in their lives.  I’m confident that this measure will improve GPD’s ability to enforce the availability of accessible parking in public and private facilities for these individuals,” concluded Senator Palacios.

For additional information please contact Senator Palacios’ office at 472-5047/8 or send an e-mail to

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