Abu Dhabi police urged motorists not to use parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities

Middle East, August 16 2011

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The total number of traffic violations issued by the Abu Dhabi Police for the wrong parking such as in front of  the fire hoses and ambulance vehicles reached 2,302 violations in the the first half of this year.

The Traffic and Patrol Directorate of Abu Dhabi Police, called on motorists not to use the parking which is meant for  people with disabilites.

People are not allowed to use those parking in residential areas, shopping centers and near mosques as these make the movement of people with disabilities difficult and cause them an additional burden.

The department emphasized the importance of respecting the rights of disabled people by other community groups.

The department warned motorists who stop their vehicle in the blue parking with the disabilities sign that  their vehicles will be seized.

The department said that the permits are granted to the people with disabilities and not for vehicles.

A disabled driver can use the parking on regular basis, while it is not permissible for the permit holders from other categories such as the drivers of the disables people to park there continuously.

The department warned of the misuse of the permits or to give them to others or parking vehicles for long periods, which may cause inconvenience to people from disabled category in searching vacant spaces.

The department called on people with disabilities, who are authorised to use these parking, to keep their permits in front of the steering wheel to avoid violation tickets  being issued against them.

Source: http://gulftoday.ae

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