Nationwide-Mobility introduces new bathing products for disabled people

Europe, August 4 2011

Farnborough, Hampshire, UK: Nationwide Mobility, known for coming up with safety bath products, has introduced new products related to disabled bath and showers. These products are especially directed at disabled people and at older people who may find it difficult to bath on their own. The innovative products from the company allow them to relax and enjoy their bath without any kind of difficulty. The new products introduced by the company have better features which makes it easy for them to bath on their own.

Commenting on the new features, the CEO of says, “The new range of showers and baths has better features. For instance, the shower baths have padded headrest and optional bath seat so that one can sit down and bath with ease. They are compact and stylish so that they can fit in your normal bathroom without any difficulty. The one touch control makes it convenient for the clients to operate the shower and set the temperature of the bath water. It is slip resistant and has been built carefully so that the elderly can use it with ease.”

The company also has a good range of Mobility bath which is especially apt for people who travel regularly and want to make sure that they can bath comfortably everywhere. They can invest in products like inflatable bath seats that are easy to carry and comes along with a travel case. It is convenient to inflate or deflate the seat and is a good option for people with knee injury or other problems. The seat enables them to sit down and bath without any difficulty.

Similarly, Nationwide-Utility has other innovative products like disabled shower, bath belts and other such bath items that are especially useful for people with any kind of disability or physical injury. The products are affordable and one can also ask the company for home demonstration.

Adding further, the CEO says, “Other than focusing on coming up with disabled bath products and mobility bath products, we also try to introduce bathing products that can be used by everyone and make bathing more relaxed. The products provided by our company are stylish and can match ones bathroom easily. It is easy to install the baths and the buyer need not spend anything on the same. They are available in different colors like white and blue which further makes it convenient for the buyers to choose the one that can match with their bathroom décor.”

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