FITA provides ICT training courses for persons with disabilities

Europe, July 29 2011

Malta: The Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA) is the principal advocate and coordinator for making information communications technology (ICT) accessible for persons with disabilities in Malta and Gozo.

One of FITA’s services involves providing ICT training courses for person with visual or intellectual disabilities, in order for them to use ICT effectively and be able to contribute productively to the society and the economy.

In 2003 FITA started collaboration with MCAST, the Directorate for Life Long Learning and a number of NGOs to provide accessible ICT training to persons with a communication or intellectual disabilities.

These courses include introductory Computer Awareness and more advanced ECDL training Modules. Apart from the inherent certifications, these courses act as an incentive for disabled students to study further and obtain higher level ICT certification in combination with MCAST ICT courses wherever possible.

Courses are grouped into 2 sessions: the first between November and the following March and the second session, between March and June of the same year.

In 2010 FITA started extending these courses to Gozo with the support of the Ministry for Gozo. In 2011 the courses covered in Gozo included the Computer Awareness course and the ICT for the Visually Impaired Course.

During the ICT Training Course Certification Ceremony which took place on July 8, 2011 at Istituto Vincenzo Bugeia, Stanley M Debono, CEO of FITA thanked all the organisations supporting FITA’s initiatives, including its ICT courses.

He stressed the importance of investing in the training of disabled persons who were not properly catered for by the education system, so that they can maximise their abilities, become gainfully employed and less financially dependent on family and social services.

Maria Pace from MCAST and Victor Galea from the Education Department, both expressed their satisfaction in seeing the successful conclusion of yet another set of courses by FITA. Mr Galea stressed the importance of ensuring that the qualifications achieved by FITA students match the MQF standards which ensure greater integration between education and industry’s workforce requirements.

During the ceremony Minister Dolores Cristina listed a number of activities which are promoting the integration of disabled persons within the education system. She stressed the great expectations placed in the Curriculum and E-Learning Department within Education in ensuring a seamless integration of disabled persons within the education system. She thanked FITA for their efforts, pointing out that ICT plays a very important part in ensuring this integration. She also mentioned the important impact that Maltese educational software and the Maltese Speech Engine being developed by FITA will have for pre-literate or illiterate students, both young and adult.

For more information call on 2599 2659 or visit FITA’s website


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