New rules for disabled parking spaces In Ireland

Europe, June 3 2011

New regulations governing the use of disabled parking spaces come into force today.

Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar signed new regulations to tackle fraudulent use of such spaces in April.

The changes include altering the medical eligibility criteria required for a disabled person’s parking permit as well as new powers for local authorities to introduce time-restricted parking bays.

Parking bays which may only be used only to set down and pick up passengers will also be introduced.

Mr Varadkar said in April the measures would ensure permits were issued only to those with mobility issues and to prevent the use of disabled parking spaces by able-bodied people.

“It will reduce the fraudulent use of permits, give new powers to local authorities and, most importantly, make sure that more specific disabled parking bays are available to those who need them most.”

He described it as the most significant and positive shake-up of the disabled parking scheme since it began 12 years ago.


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