• Month: June 2011

    Hachette Teams with Essential Accessibility to help Disabled Readers

    The Hachette Book Group is teaming with Essential Accessibility, a turn-key online tool developed to help disabled community easily access online content. Essential Accessibility software gives disabled people access to a variety of special keyboard shortcuts, hands-free activation and speech recognition functionality. By subscribing to Essential Accessibility, companies can make their websites much easier to use… Continue Reading »

    Chinese Library launched device to read Non-Braille Books for Blind People

    Beijing: A library for blind people in Beijing has launched a state-of-the-art device that would read out a book aloud to blind people. The device – launched by the Chinese National Library for the Blind – contains a scanner and a speaker. Readers scan a page of a book and put the storage or memory… Continue Reading »

    PEI launched website for tourists with disabilities

    Prince Edward Island (PEI) has launched a website to make its tourism industry more accessible to people with disabilities. Accessadvisor.ca will soon use the internet, smartphone apps and GPS downloads to help people with disabilities find the places that can serve them best. Hotels will be ranked with four designations — limited accessibility, full mobile… Continue Reading »

    California State University ensures web accessibility for visually and hearing impaired students

    California State University (CSU) has automated accessibility monitoring to ensure that its thousands of websites and millions of Web pages are ready for use by faculty, students, and staff who are visually and hearing impaired. Before being published, each of CSU’s Web sites, intranets, Web applications, and e-learning systems must be tested for compliance withSection… Continue Reading »

    Israeli researchers develop a "virtual cane" for blind people

    JERUSALEM: A cane that works as a “virtual flashlight” to help blind people with spatial navigation was displayed at the Israeli Presidential Conference in Jerusalem. Developed by Amir Amedi of Medical Research Israel-Canada, and the Department of Medicine of Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HU) , the device uses sensors to detect objects in the users… Continue Reading »

    Poor parking a hazard for blind people, says NSW Transport Minister

    Australia: New South Wales (NSW) Transport Minister Gladys Berejiklian is asking residents to keep their eyes open for thoughtlessly parked cars on behalf of those who can’t. And about time too, thinks Beth White, who banged her head so hard her neck was sore for weeks after trying to walk around a car parked over… Continue Reading »

    Wheelchair users face metro 'ban' in St. Petersburg, Russia

    St. Petersburg, Russia: Wheelchair users have been banned from the St. Petersburg metro – and the scandal is throwing more attention on to the state of Moscow’s accessibility. In the northern capital there was fury when a young woman was stopped at the turnstiles and the network’s managers praised staff for “improving their work”. While… Continue Reading »

    Netflix sued by NAD over lack of subtitles

    Netflix has been sued by the National Association of the Deaf (NAD) for failing to offer closed-captioning on enough of its streaming content. In a lawsuit (PDF) filed Thursday in U.S. District Court for the district of Massachusetts, the NAD alleges that Netflix is in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act by not providing captions… Continue Reading »

    Asiana Airlines opens lounge for disabled passengers at Incheon International Airport

    Seoul, South Korea: Asiana Airlines opened the first airport lounge specifically for disabled passengers at Incheon International Airport on Wednesday. The company also donated wheelchairs to a support center for disabled people at the ceremony marking the opening of the lounge. The event was attended by officials from Asiana Airlines, including its chief executive Yoon… Continue Reading »