Chinese website portal launched to ensure disabled people better access to public information

Asia-Pacific, April 21 2011

A Chinese website portal was launched Tuesday to provide the country’s nearly 83 million disabled people with better access to information services.

Sponsored by the China Disabled Persons’ Federation (CDPF), the website,, is the country’s first national-level online portal specializing in serving the disabled.

Besides publishing information regarding job offers, long-distance education and government policies and regulations, the website also features an online library, the China Digital Library for Visual Impairment.

During his address at the website launch ceremony Tuesday, Sun Xiande, deputy director-general of the CDPF, described the website as part of the federation’s efforts to improve the public service platform targeting the disabled.

Sun said the CDPF will make every effort to improve the system that ensures that the disabled receive barrier-free access to public information and services.

Statistics indicate that China has a total of 82.96 million disabled people. Among them, 12.33 million are visually impaired, 20.04 million are hearing impaired and 1.27 million are audio impaired.

Source: Xinhua,

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