Zoom Reader for iPhone 4, an App for Low-Vision Users

News, April 13 2011

The iPhone has been praised for its wide range of accessibility features, but the recent launch of theZoomReader app just firmly sealed the iPhone’s leadership for anyone requiring a little visual assistance.

ZoomReader features a combination of live video magnification, OCR functionality and a naturally sounding text-to-speech solution, making iPhone the ultimate mobile communications and assistive technology device. Reading a prescription bottle, small print on a menu, a digital screen on a copy machine… are all daily chores that millions of people have trouble performing, even with cumbersome reading glasses. ZoomReader helps with these activities and more, developed from the ground up featuring a simple UI, VoiceOver integration, and speech commands, and joining an all-in-one mobile device already recognized for its assistive technology uses.

Since launch, ZoomReader has already reached the #2 Grossing App in the Lifestyle Section of the App Store and broke the Top 200 Grossing Apps in the entire App Store.

ZoomReader is compatible with iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2+ only. It is available at the App Store for $19.99.

Source: http://appmodo.com

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