People with disabilities in Britain find difficult to access hospitals

UK: Many people with disabilities in Britain find it hard to access medical services such as hospitals and general practices, according to a new survey.

The Life Opportunities survey, by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), revealed that patients with wide-ranging disabilities continue to have difficulty accessing hospitals and general practices due, in part, to transportation difficulties.

One of the biggest issues to be uncovered was anxiety and lack of confidence during every day activities, including when using transport.

Thirteen per cent of adults with impairments would not use long distance buses and 12 per cent long distance trains due to insecurity, while for adults in the general population only three per cent and two per cent respectively felt this way.

One per cent of adults with impairments also said they had difficulty getting into buildings.

The survey deliberately used a broad definition of disability to include those with long-term illnesses such as cancer or asthma.


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